Photostability Cabinets

We stock advanced and efficient photostability cabinets. With a range of near UV and visual light testing capabilities, our unique photostability cabinets have been specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of the pharmaceutical, medical, and healthcare industries.


If you are looking for efficient and effective photostability cabinets, we offer a comprehensive service that incorporates every step of the installation, from the initial consultation and design through to the final delivery and construction.

By far the most popular, efficient and versatile products in our range, 1810 photostability cabinets are designed to meet all ICH Harmonised Tripartite Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines concerning the stability and photostability testing of new drugs and new drug products.

As a light source, 1810 photostability cabinets feature daylight tubes and enhanced UVa tubes, which combine both visible and ultra violet outputs similar to the D65/ID65 emission standard.

Initial light outputs are greater than 10,000 lux and 1.48 watts per square metre at all points 200mm from the light source. Even when making allowances for 25% lamp fade over 9,000 hours, 1810 photostability cabinets can provide at least 1.2 million lux hours, and at least 200 watt hours per square metre – all in the space of three days or less.

1810 photostability cabinets therefore allow for the simulation of long-term, intermediate, and accelerated light conditions, helping you to satisfy all applicable ICH Harmonised Tripartite GMP regulations.

The lights automatically shut off after a specified time duration This provides you with a failsafe against human error whilst running your photostability tests, whilst the uniform light distribution guarantees you reliable and repeatable test conditions.

1810 stability cabinets are capable of performing to specifications in normal ambient temperatures of up to 21°C. This eliminates the need for refrigeration units, which results in lower energy usage, and lower running costs.

We can provide standard photostability cabinets, yet if your needs are more specific, we can also help you to implement a stability solution in exact accordance with your requirements and your facilities.

For more information on our stability storage cabinets, please email or call us on +44 (0)115 973 9018.