Controlled Substance Storage

DEA Schedule I-V Controlled Substance Storage

We offer GMP compliant, DEA Schedule I-V storage at all ICH conditions and unique conditions at our Los Angeles facility along with our partner Exova.


  • Walk-in Rooms
  • Approx 8,000ft3
  • As we are also manufacturers of these rooms we can accommodate any capacity


  • Controlled substances stored in accordance with all DEA guidelines
  • Chambers kept physically locked
  • Over and Under set condition with audible and visual alarms for temperature & humidity
  • Back-up generator with ATU (automatic transfer unit)
  • CCTV recorded onto hard drive and stored for 30 days
  • Back-up data logger
  • UPS on data logger ensuring continuous monitoring and alarm call outs
  • Data loggers have email & auto dial
  • On-call team 24/7/365
  • Access control to facility


  • 6180A Eurotherm data acquisition system
  • 21CFR Part 11 compliant
  • Regular physical checks


DEA Schedule I-V Storage is available at the following temperature and humidities

Temperature Humidity
25°C 60%RH
25°C 40%RH
25°C 75%RH
30°C 35%RH
30°C 60%RH
30°C 65%RH
30°C 75%RH
40°C Nmt25%RH
40°C 75%RH

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