Heritage Conservation Storage Facilities

Our heritage conservation storage facility for the care of collections has been designed with guidance from leading preservation experts. We provide the most cost-effective, secure, and accessible controlled environment storage for the care of collections available.

Our heritage conservation storage facility offers the most stable temperature and  humidity possible. Designed to keep future deterioration to a minimum, our heritage storage service preserves the integrity of artifacts, original materials and film archives thus preventing them from being compromised through restoration or lost forever. Our purpose-built preventive conservation facility can accommodate thousands of materials, special collections, artifacts and historical records. In addition our inventory management system provides a comprehensive management tool for all your special collections storage room operations.

Temperature and humidity

Our preventive conservation storage rooms and chambers operate, as standard, at: 5°C ± 2°C although any temperature condition can be accommodated in our purpose designed facility.

Humidity will be determined for the individual collection and could range from 15%RH to 65%RH, any humidity can be accommodated.

What can be stored in our heritage storage suite?

Our heritage storage suite can be used for the storage of all of the following:
  • Documents, books and catalogues
  • Drawings and engravings
  • Manuscripts
  • Historical records
  • Videos
  • Microfilms
  • Nitrate films
  • Acetate films
  • Film archives
  • Costumes
  • Painting and pieces of fine art
  • Musical instruments
  • Archaeological artifacts
  • Photographs
  • Old toy storage
  • Furs and feathers

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