ICH Stability Storage

We offer GMP certified storage at our facility in Ireland and comply to GMP at our facilities in the UK and America. We can store pharmaceutical products, clinical trial material and pharmaceutical bulk chemicals in validated and monitored temperature and humidity controlled conditions that have back up emergency systems in place.

ICH conditions

ICH stability storage is available at the following temperatures and humidities

Temperature Humidity
-80°C -
-70°C -
-25°C -
-20°C -
5°C Ambient
25°C 40%RH
25°C 60%RH
25°C 75%RH
30°C 65%RH
30°C 75%RH
40°C Nmt25%RH
40°C 25%
40°C 75%RH


Controlled environment storage and stability storage at custom conditions

We have environmental rooms and cabinets available that can be customised and validated to your specific requirements.

Find out more about custom conditions