Why Outsource?

Choosing to outsource your stability storage could not be simpler and the benefits to your organisation can be significant

Reasons to outsource your stability storage:

  • Reduced costs with no capital outlay

With separate rooms needed to suit different environmental conditions, it is surprising how easy it is for costs to mount up. By outsourcing your storage needs to us there will be no capital outlay.

  • No need for extra space

By its very nature, stability storage takes up space. Much of the equipment needed has a large footprint because it has to be capable of acommodating bulk products. By outsourcing to us the need for large scale investment in extra space is eliminated.

  • Fully GMP compliant facility

Could you really afford to ignore requirements that could be pivotal to the success of your programme? Our GMP compliant facility incorporates chambers and rooms that are built using state-of-the-art techniques and have been purposely designed and validated for pharmaceutical stability storage and biotech storage.

  • Facilities tailored to your requirements

Our storage facility can offer conditions specifically suited to your product. The choice of temperature for the storage of biological, medical and pharmaceutical materials is dependent upon the sample to be stored. With Source BioScience you can have your materials stored under controlled ICH and non-ICH conditions in our purpose-designed storage suite. This service will provide you with an extremely cost effective solution for controlled environmental storage at temperatures which could range from - 80ºC to +55ºC and relative humidities from 10% to 95%.

  • Full validation regularly carried out

Our storage facility has full regulatory compliance to guarantee the integrity of your samples. Regular validation, using the latest equipment, is undertaken so that you can be assured that the facility is fit for purpose, meets the highest standards of environmental control and includes built-in redundancy and emergency backup.

  • Cryogenics expertise if required

If you need cryogenic storage, our facility can provide a full range of services to store and manage biological materials at temperatures as low as -196ºC. From bar-coding frozen vials through to relocating your entire repository, with a quality policy reinforced by a positive commitment to your needs.

  • Samples stored safely and securely

We provide a management solution for short, medium, and long-term temperature controlled storage. It incorporates secure storage with real time tracking of your stored samples with all safety issues in strict accordance with the latest regulations. We have the staff and systems to offer foolproof biological and pharmaceutical storage.

Interested in outsourcing your stability storage work? Contact us to obtain a quote