Planned Maintenance & Service Visit

Our service and maintenance is tailored to individual customers’ requirements and is product specific - detailed in the relevant Preventative Maintenance Manual (available upon request).

For a typical planned visit, the actions listed below will be performed by the engineer at the service intervals specified in your maintenance and service agreement.

What we do

  • Mechanical and electrical inspections and testing of equipment will be undertaken with regard to operational serviceability and safety
  • Cleaning and sanitisation of all pure water containers, pipework, reservoirs, pumps and ancillary systems
  • Cleaning and sanitisation of drainage systems fitted to unit
  • Inspection and calibration of Data Logger installation (where applicable)
  • Inspection and calibration of chart recorders attached to equipment (where applicable)
  • Testing of internal alarm systems and connection to remote alarm systems (where applicable)
  • Where applicable, calibration of meters using instruments that are traceable to National Standards
  • Planned replacement of consumables i.e. seals (if relevant), water system cartridges, ultrasonic generators and lamps to maintain the chamber integrity
  • Issue of maintenance visit certificate indicating the inspections performed and the general condition of the equipment
  • Maintenance of electrical and mechanical assemblies where applicable
  • Issue of preventative maintenance inspection report